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Quick On-Boarding with ROVR

On-boarding and Employee Scheduling for Healthcare

Scheduling and retention are the key components of a healthcare organizations workforce strategy. Optimizing each component will ensure that healthcare organizations are positioned to enhance their employee’s experience and retention.

Inefficient healthcare workforce management can significantly increase labor costs for hospitals and practices. Labor expenses account for up to 60% of healthcare organizations costs.

Modernizing this process with our healthcare workforce management software will enable healthcare organizations to maintain a high-quality care delivery system. Leverage analytics to optimize scheduling, and reduce employee turnover to keep high-quality hospital staff. Stay connected to your employees by empowering your health system with Doctor & Hospital Staff Management Software.

Healthcare Workforce Management Software

Simple and Secure Staff Recruiting & Scheduling

Automate your Workforce management in

Trusted and Secured workforce credentials with encrypted technology

Time, Attendance, Human Resources, Payroll and Business Analytics


Staff & Schedule your providers within your Organization

Increase your workforce retention and enable a connected staff with ROVR’s secure messaging

Connect and Coordinate with Your Workforce

Rovr physicians

Coordinating and connecting with your workforce even when they are at different hospitals and on different teams. ROVR isn’t just workforce management software for healthcare organizations but also acts as an engagement strategy for your hospital. This improves performance, happiness and collaborative workflows.

ROVR’s ecosystem is aimed to boost employee and physician engagement to reduce turnover rates and support your healthcare organizations employees