Healthcare data breaches are now reported at a rate of more than one per day. About 90 percent of hospitals, clinics, and other health organizations that claimed about data breach during 2015-16. On an average, a consolidated cost of data breach was more than USD 6 billion. Some of the factors that resulted in this type of data breach are third party faults, theft, cyber-attacks, informal employees, insufficient security, lack of technology, and insecure devices.

These incidents have made healthcare organizations more informed as they are taking steps for complete data protection. According to a recent study by a well-known research body, about 65% of companies have already taken a step in securing their employee and medical data. That’s where our role comes into the picture.

At Rovr, we help hospitals attain maximum data security, manage operations easily, and work faultlessly with our robust workforce management system. We assist organizations to manage and secure the data with latest tools integrated into our software. Below is a short overview of how our cloud-based system works to ensure optimal safety:

• Security

The data within Rovr remains in a secure cloud environment. The solution has been engineered to provide enterprise grade’s security for all types of healthcare organizations. With a maximum uptime of 99.5%, we guarantee to serve and save the data entirely. With a good internet connection, you can feed and use important data of staff and patients for medical purpose. Everything on our cloud-based software remains updated so you can capitalize on the latest technology.

• Data encryption

Our physician appointment & scheduling management system features blockchain technology which provides maximum protection to data and makes it impossible for unauthorized parties to have access to important facts, figures, and information. Our software lets you keep all the information in a safe place, preventing any cyber-attacks or hacks. We keep launching new updates to help our clients keep the software safe and secure.

• Safe Network

Our healthcare workforce management system has various tools that ensure different level of safety measures. The admin can view the activities done from a particular device added to the system. All the details about sending or receiving are fully customized and easy-to-limit/restrict.

• Healthcare only

We have designed this robust system only to help healthcare organizations and their employees. The software keeps the entire workforce well-organized so negligence may not become the reason for a data breach. Thanks to the emerging technologies used in our software as it has made it easy to fully secure the data from any theft or breach.

• Authentication

With our application, you can control or limit the data-access. Only authorized persons can view the information of staff and physicians. For instance, only an authorized healthcare professional, who has access to see electronic health information, can change, edit or modify information. Only people who have permission can view a particular type of information.

The software includes a rigid security mechanism, which keeps track of all incidents including data breaches. In just a short span of time, our physician appointment & scheduling management system has helped to protect a large number of organizations across the globe. That’s how the processing, reports, clients, and all activities remain in safe hands.

Rovr is a trusted partner to deliver healthcare organizations a safe environment so they can focus on meeting further business priorities rather than paying attention to data security. If you are looking for a workforce management solution like ours, contact us and request a free demo for your healthcare organization.