The term workforce management software describes its most common uses to help organizations. At ROVR, we help clinics, hospitals, and healthcare organizations with robust WFM (workforce management software) which helps to provide visibility into professional metrics and prolific upturn. Our WFM software is highly popular and commendable among organizations that like to simplify all operation complexities and maintain output. If you don’t have any idea about the software, these frequently asked questions and their answers will help you to get a clear picture of its functions and benefits. Take a look:

find verified locum physicians

Question: How can the workforce management software be helpful for my hospital?

Management plays an important in the entire scenario of the operations. With the software you can involve into a lot of important management tasks like scheduling the right physician for a particular patient, managing shifts among doctors, keeping an eye on the operations, maintaining high-quality care giving system, enhancing employee-experience, upholding retention, and a lot more. All these key factors let you have a great control to grow your organization.

Question: Can I get support after buying the software from ROVR?

A dedicated team of ROVR is always ready to help you with all your queries and maintain your customer-experience. You can contact the customer support and get answers for your problems at any time during business days.

Question: Will it help me saving on labor costs?

When you work manually, you involve into ineffective workforce management of high inaccuracy, costs, inadequacy, and conventional system. All these reasons lead to more expenses and less productivity. With a robust workforce management like ROVR, you can make a saving of up to 60% on your total health organizational costs. In simple words, the software empowers the system.

Question: Can I buy locum tenens physician recruiting software to hire part-time for my clinic?

The software lets you hire locums in accordance with your requirements. Either you want a physician to cover weekend needs or a complete team to perform any specific job at a particular location; you are free to do. Locum physicians from different places register with their preferred job locations, timings, and other choices.

Question: Can I give access to the software to my employees?

Well, yes. The software is designed to work on your business needs. You can customize the functions and features without difficulty. You can allow all employees to adjust into the system making the process more efficient and time-saving.

Question: What are exclusive features of ROVR?

The software aims to provide high level of automation to manage all simple and complex tasks. You can use the software to find verified locum physicians, reduce payroll errors, lessen processing time of physicians’ payments, improve labor reporting, know employee attendance, schedule appointments, fill assignments, edit calendar, access to assignment requests, track staff activities, track completion of assignment, and many other operations. The software is prettily a one-stop-destination to manage everything within your clinic or hospital.

Question: Can I be offered a demo of the software?

You can simply contact ROVR or directly claim for a free demo. We will schedule an appointment with you to tell you the features in detail.

Question: Can I trust the application for safety of employee-data?

The software is designed by using blockchain technology which is highly encrypted and keeps your data 100% secure. You can also take advantage of data backup and data recovery for more efficient functions.

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