Health officials have strongly recommended social distancing in areas with a heavy concentration of coronavirus positive cases. Maintaining a social distance of at least 1 meter is mandatory in a public place. This will help to slow down the impact of the highly contagious and deadly disease – COVID-19.

Social distancing is the next logical step to prevent the spread and bring life back to normal; however, it can impact medical practices. How to deal with it?

In this blog post, you will get to know some effective tactics to abate the impact of social distancing on your medical services:

Time to Be Creative and Adapt Technology

Though the healthcare industry is one of the most prominent industries to adopt technology to diagnose and treat health issues, it should also advance its administrative tasks. This is the right time for healthcare to be more creative and use technology to ease the burden and help the maximum number of people. Here we are talking about physician appointment & scheduling management system to increase the efficiency of the hospital staff and decrease risks of any sort of severity.

Use of the software can help you out to appoint the right staff for the right patients, manage online appointments, integrate your staff at the same place, expand their responsibilities, deliver essential and emergency care, maintain accuracy, and help your business to provide optimal care to people.

Keep the Spirit of Your Team Members High:

Even when the fear of coronavirus spread is everywhere, you must encourage your team members to perform their responsibility appropriately and come out to connect with your customers. At the same time, it is your responsibility to keep your staff members safe, happy, and flawless in their roles. Use physician calendar scheduling software to allow your team members to understand their duties and availability.

It will help you manage the team appropriately and take care of their concerns associated with safety. For instance, you have 50 members working in your organization and you want them to perform their essential duties. So, by scheduling a fixed number of people (say 25) for a specific number of days (say 7 days), you can encourage members to reduce their individual risks and support work efficacy.

Getting Social Even from a Distance:

There is no denying that most of your customers are at home helping the government to stop the spread and many among them are heavily active on social media platforms. The day social distancing measure were brought into effect, there has been a spike in users of streaming services as well. This is an opportunity to get your medical services noticed by your target customers.

Healthcare workforce management software systems like Rovr feature physician smart scheduling, payroll management, information on population health, and access to health service technology. With the smart scheduling of physicians, they will not feel burnout and can connect with their community via social media and share answers to their concerns, right from their phone.

Physicians can share the availability of medical care at your facility, DIY tips to help them deal with infections, encourage them to take advantage of telemedicine services, and solve their problem by increasing your engagement and reach through social media platforms and live streaming services. 

This is how the physician smart scheduling software can help you to carry on with your medical services while maintaining social distancing and lessening adverse effects related to it.