Just like patient satisfaction, physician retention is an essential factor for the success of a healthcare organization. It is a considerable concern for the entire healthcare industry.

Hospitals that view retention as an imperative strategy record higher success rates, productivity, excellent services, and the right resources. Ignoring physician retention can lead to lost productivity and potentially negative cultural impact. If you are serious about attracting the best talents, here is what you can do.

Get The Right Fit Through The Honest Interview Process:

It is one of the essential strategies that you may be overlooking for a long time. You should hire the best match for the role and someone how is ready to work with you in the long run. Having a specific vision for education, experience, workload, and the position will give you the best fit for your needs.

Feel free to communicate the practice culture and elements new physician can expect. It should also include an attractive salary and benefits packages that will allow the physician to feel work-life balance and stay connected with you. Use an advanced healthcare staffing solution like Rovr that meets all criteria of your requirements and gives access to the best physicians.

Make The Physician Feel Comfortable In Your Welcoming Environment:

Most physicians find attachment also a sense of loyalty when they join a new healthcare organization. A healthy on boarding process has proven to increase new hire retention by 80%. Surprisingly, only 1 in 10 employees feel satisfied in their organization.

Stress and burnout are the reality of many physicians in hospitals. Offering comprehensive orientation experience, sharing important information about the practices, maintaining transparency, coaching, giving access to the practice management software, etc. are small things that make the difference.

Use The Best Channels For Open Communication:

It would be best not to lose the momentum when you have made hard efforts to hire healthcare professionals. Do not forget to establish open communication between the staff members and use collaborative practice culture to let all healthcare professionals work together. The use of communication tools like Rovr encourages healthcare professionals to collaborate with others regarding their work, availability, check-ins, patient information, schedule, and discuss higher-level practice-related elements.

Stay Focused On Your Local Strengths:

If you are committed to retaining physicians in positions, you have to value their work-life balance. If you want your physicians to stick with you for a long time, you have to understand their needs, professional networking opportunities, and support them wholeheartedly. It would help if you also focused on the benefits their positions offer to your organization. There is a unique set of features and advantages that factors into a physician’s own decision to work with you or move on.

We hope these recruitment and retention strategies help you. Contact us to try a trial of our hiring, on boarding, and scheduling software for healthcare organizations. We will let you know how our software will help you work on these crucial components and find the best talent.