The first step in giving physicians back their autonomy is to give back access to their data. We are a physician-led team that want to enable physicians to gain back access and control of their data and time.

We offer a physician-led ecosystem which automates our current systems of physician verification, physician data exchange, physician supply-chain management, physician scheduling. As practicing physicians, we decided to tackle these issues because we felt automation can easily handle some of our biggest headaches.

Our current system in data-sharing is inefficient and most physicians don’t have a secure application to store their own personal data. The first application of Rovr can be applied to our current system of physician verification, documentation/credentialing, recruitment and scheduling. It takes on average 90 days to on-board a physician to an area he is needed. We offer physicians to instantly self-verify themselves on Rovr -Physicians Hiring App- and store all their secure and most needed data on their profiles for exchange to healthcare facilities.


As Hospital administrators, we understand the administrative headaches of serving a patient population. Hospitals, clinics and any other healthcare facility that are looking for physicians hiring app can register on Rovr and now request physician data and gain access in a more efficient manner. Our physicians hiring app helps you to hire physicians instantly and verify and onboard them quickly.

Healthcare organizations can support their physicians by providing them access to Rovr’s scheduling system, necessary to manage their time and credentials. Physicians gain access to their data, and health organizations are able to smart-schedule them to their facilities.

Healthcare facilities are enabled by gaining direct access to physicians in a timely and secure manner. On boarding new physicians quickly to their facilities to meet their population health demand. Smart-scheduling physicians between different sites gives flexibility to an organizations physician staff as they can manage their schedule, and track their shifts and pay. Built on the blockchain technology, Rovr physicians hiring app enables security and trust between physicians and healthcare organizations.