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Features of a Smart Physician Calendar Scheduling Software

Healthcare systems, clinics, emergency rooms, and similar organizations are constantly working to improve their services. In many cases, the tools available with the hospital don’t take responsibility to manage the complex part of physician scheduling and that’s where...

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Important Mobile Features of WFM Software for Healthcare

Nearly half of the workforce will be on mobile by the end of 2022. The emergence of workforce management software in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations is increasing hugely. The software is also well-known as physician appointment & scheduling...

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Common FAQs on Workforce Management Software Got Answered

The term workforce management software describes its most common uses to help organizations. At ROVR, we help clinics, hospitals, and healthcare organizations with robust WFM (workforce management software) which helps to provide visibility into professional metrics...

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Healthcare Workforce Management for Complete Data Protection

Healthcare data breaches are now reported at a rate of more than one per day. About 90 percent of hospitals, clinics, and other health organizations that claimed about data breach during 2015-16. On an average, a consolidated cost of data breach was more than USD 6...

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Top Digital Health Technologies That Can Change Our Future

As science fiction known, the genre has helped the development of new technologies, or at least predicted them long before they became a reality. As the years go on, scientific advancement is moving at the speed of light. Every minute that goes by, there are always...

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Key Trends in the Healthcare Workforce To Watch

The healthcare industry has become the largest US’s employer. Scientific advancement is constantly occurring and therefore the industry is always growing. The rise of the healthcare workforce over the past several years is due to the increase in healthcare services,...

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Future Technology in Healthcare

By Nikki Collins As advances in technology sky rocket and continue to occur at logarithmic speeds, security is a major concern as well as efficiency.  You may have heard of the trend to move our one server companies into the next phase of secure, efficient...

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