How It Works

An overview of Recruiting, Staffing and Operations on ROVR for your facility.


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Find verified physicians and on board them quickly

On Rovr Physicians Recruiting Software, you will find physicians fit for your particular job.

  • Start by posting a job. Post your specifications to the job. This would be by physician specialty, description, and specific skills required.
  • Rovr physicians are notified. Physicians on Rovr will be able to view your post and select if they want to take the job. 
  • Access to secure credentials. Quickly verify if a physician is board-certified and through which state. We have direct access to instantly verify your physicians and advanced healthcare providers with the Federation of State Medical Boards. 
Does Rovr securely verify physicians?

Rovr is a secure and trusted platform. We verify our physicians directly from the FSMB (Federation of State Medical Boards).

  • Secure verification with FSMB
  • Blockchain technology for credential exchange

Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to screen prospective physicians to make sure their skills and experience meet the needs of your job.

Can Rovr on board physicians quicker for me?

Yes, the average time to on board a physician to a new facility is 90 days. Rovr helps you minimize that time by digitizing your process.

Hire verified physicians, nurses, and any healthcare role.

Invite favorite candidates to your job, then review and hire your favorite.

  • Browse profiles. View Rovr physician and staff profiles to see profiles, experience, and more.
  • Request to hire. Request to hire verified physicians for different positions based on the needs of your healthcare facility. 
What does Rovr help me do for my staff?

You can recruit, staff and organize your facilities operations. Labor costs are usually >50% of an organizations cost, so managing your staff is important. The Rovr Calender coordinates you and your staff to stay efficient. 

Does Rovr have secure messaging?

Rovr helps connect you to your staff with secure messaging. 

Simple and efficient workflow

Rovr is designed to make your workflow simple and frictionless. Connect with your roving physicians, and:

  • Send and receive files. Credentials are securely transferred between parties. 
  • Share feedback. Use Rovr Messages to communicate via text, or chat.
  • Rovr mobile app. Use our healthcare workforce app and manage everything on the go.
How does Rovr help my workflow?

If you’re a physician or staff: Rovr enables you to manage your job shifts on a calender directly to your facility or network. The smart-scheduling allows you to view and secure job shifts between different job sites that correlates with your calender, so there won’t ever be double booking. 

If you’re a healthcare facility: On boarding your physicians and staff is expedited. If you have multiple sites, you mobilize your staff and with the smart-scheduling, coordinate more efficiently. Enable your staff to connect and modernize your organization.

Payroll Management

Rovr isn’t just a healthcare recruiting and scheduling software. You can also pull reports on your staff’s payroll.

How do I pay my roving physician and what does it cost?

You set the payments, physicians agree or negotiate. Rovr makes paying your physicians simple and secure. You can calculate payroll faster and pay your staff securely with just few clicks.

Is there a payroll system on Rovr?
Yes, all payments to roving physicians have invoices that can be accessed.

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