Modernize your facility by enabling ROVR to manage your recruiting process, schedule your staff, and simplify your operations, verify advanced providers, and make your team feel connected to your organization’s mission by enabling security.

Rovr: Healthcare Recruiting and Staffing Management System

Instant verification, accreditation
and  professional credentialing for Physicains and advanced providers

Staff Scheduling to a calendar. Whether you have multiple sites to coordinate or just one, the Rovr calendar automates your operations.

Payroll management for your staff with reports.

Increasing physician retention and decreasing physician burnout​

Secure identities on the trusted blockchain technology

Population Health and access to health service technology

Physician Smart Scheduling Software


Rovr is for your healthcare facility to enable easier work management and scheduling. Our physician smart scheduling software allows for flexibility in your schedule and time.

Rovr physician calendar scheduling software will allow your staff to view, access and edit their documents/credentials and view their shifts on the healthcare organizations calendar and other shift/job requests.

The dashboard of our physician calendar scheduling software allows your staff to view their involvement in your facility. The payment dashboard has direct messaging capabilities and enables you to manage your staff’s schedule, finances and credentials.

Physician Appointment & Scheduling Management System


A health organization would use the Rovr application to mobilize their physicians. Health Organizations can use our physician appointment & scheduling management system to access and edit their calendar, view outgoing and incoming requests to fill locum assignments, search roving physicians to fill locum assignments.

ROVR is a healthcare staffing management system that supports population health management for healthcare organizations as they can track and adequately staff their population’s health demographic needs.

Whether you’re a small clinic looking for a physician to cover for a weekend or a large healthcare network needing to on-board physicians, nurses or any role to multiple locations, Rovr healthcare staffing management system will automate your process.  

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